Our Services

As one of Israeli’s leading providers of accounts receivable management services with experience in every major industry IDCC have focused on developing the most successful collection process, analysis and techniques to maximize the recovery and the fee we earn from each viable claim.

Pre-legal Debt Collection in Israel

One of our main commercial collection agency practice areas is helping foreign companies from all over the world collect debts owed by Israel based companies. We use our extensive international business experience in these typically large and difficult debt collection matters. We understand international trade.


Our international clients appreciate our monthly reports on each debt collection claim.


We’re able to approach Israeli debtors living in Israel. We can speak to them in their native tongue, and we’re also intimately acquainted with local laws, rules, and regulations. This enables us to adopt a more amicable rather than adversarial as part of pre-legal debt collection efforts in Israel.

 Our “NO Recovery No Fee” guarantee is straightforward. You don’t have to pay us anything if we don’t collect the debt from your customer.

International Pre-legal Debt Collection

IDCC’s collection and receivable management expertise reaches every part of the globe . Through our International network, we provide debt collection services in Europe, the United States, the UAE, South America, India, Russia, Thailand, Ghana and more.

Moreover, our representatives are local experts with vast experience in each market.


Whether you need us for one global debt collection case or you require us to assist you on multiple international debt collection projects, we can accommodate your wishes.


We’re here to assist you with all your international collection and receivable management needs as a key International network partner.

Our deal is based fully on no-cure-no-pay principle. No recovery no fee, simple as that.

Risk Management Services

Company investigation

This strategy enables businesses to find out who they’re considering dealing with. It helps them to avoid getting involved with questionable businesses.

International industry consulting

We offer effective solutions to resolve the difficulties our clients sometimes face as part of their foreign trade operations.

Skiptracing people

There are times when regular methods to find specific debtors aren’t fruitful. In such cases, skiptracing services can produce positive results. We offer skiptracing to find out debtors’ phone numbers and addresses.

Debt compilation instruction

We can train your accounting and finance staff. The payoff for your business is that the training will translate into fewer problematic accounts that require debt collection intervention. Our training methodology includes a hands-on and answer-based management strategy

Legal Enforcement and Lawsuit

If legal debt collection becomes necessary, our legal team of solution partners is ready to provide the best advice and legal skill available in Israel.

If a lawsuit is recommended, you will be advised of the costs prior to any action.

IDCC is with you throughout the legal process hand in hand, provides up-to-date information and reporting on the status of progress.

All of our law firms partners are selected on the basis of their expertise in the relevant field.

This assistance is applicable in Israel and abroad.