Welcome to IDCC
International Debt's Collection Center

Leading Debt Collection Agency for International Receivable in Israel,USA

Our deal is based fully on no-cure-no-pay principle

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Welcome to IDCC

International Debt Collections Agency

International debt recovery would be a hassle-free job, once you join hands with IDCC that is a leading debt collection company you can count upon. Smooth recovery of debt is the lifeline of your business and we can make sure that you get what is yours.

Who We Are?

IDCC is a leading international debt collections agency, but we are locals for your clients, customers, and debtors. We speak their language, follow their culture, and live in the neighborhood. We know when is the right time to knock at their doors and how to convince them to repay their debts quickly.

How Much We Charge?

Just like any other business, our business also works for profit but we share the profit with our clients like you. We charge a fixed amount for our services, but only when the recovery is done. You will pay only when your international debt recovery is done and the amount is credited to your account.

How Do We Work?

First, we must say that we maintain transparency in the recovery process so you can see us working and put your faith in our services. We have developed a process to reach out to debtors and stay connected with them until the debt is recovered. Since we are locals, we can easily develop good relations with debtors and it is what makes us the best international debt collections agency.

We Are Ready For The Job

We know there are challenges in the road to recovering debts especially from stubborn debtors that keep changing their addresses and phone numbers. We work with lawyers to built pressure on the debtors so they start repaying their debts. Also, we know how to trace debtors that try hiding their identities. Our ability to face challenges makes us the best international debt recovery agency.

Join Hands With Us

You need quick payments to keep your business afloat, but recovering debt from international customers could prove to be a hassle because of language, and time barriers. But our international debt collections agency can make things smooth, simple, and affordable for your business.

Interested in Our Services?

Pre-legal Debt Collection in Israel,USA

We’re able to approach Israeli debtors living in Israel. We can speak to them in their native tongue, and we’re also intimately acquainted with local laws, rules, and regulations.

International Pre-legal Debt Collection

IDCC have helped many companies collecting their national and international invoices from all over the world

Risk Management Services

investigate your debtor’s solvency. Company investigation. Skip tracing people. Debt compilation instruction. International industry consulting.

Legal Enforcement and Lawsuits

announcing legal proceedings motivates your debtor to pay your invoice. our legal team will provide the very best in legal advice and recommendations


IDCC was established in 2015 by Idan Snof a certified member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, an accountant by profession with two decades worth of expertise in managing credit and collection risk.


 IDCC provide Global Receivable Solutions for small, medium and large businesses who have collection problems in Israel and worldwide to recover their debts as quickly as possible without damaging relationships with their customers.


We bring the vast experience and knowledge accumulated from the activity in the field and “tailor” a solution that is especially suitable for your collection system based only “on No Recovery No Fee” principle.


Thanks to collaborations with lawyers, private investigators, courier companies, accountants and bookkeepers and collection agencies around the world, we fully address all the needs of our clients in the field of debts collection in Israel and worldwide.

Association Alliances & Certifications

IDCC Proud to be a partner of the world’s leading collection agencies .

Together with our partners from all over the world, we also collect debts in Europe, the United States, the UAE, South America, India, Russia, Thailand, Ghana and more…

Our mission

We are committed to provide Excellence on Global Receivable Solutions with outstanding results through integrity, cost-effectiveness, professional & ethical cross-border debt collection.

Why should you work with us?

Payment based on results only. highest quality at minimal risk. No Recovery, No Fee !

We fight for your justice. Give you back what you deserve. Recover your debts.

Fast and efficient collection. It is very important to us that our customers receive the answer to their inquiries as quickly as possible. It is important for us to surprise them with results.

Professionalism. Analysis of reasons for non-payment, analysis and adjustments of data, characterization of collection processes, combining accounting with negotiation management skills and sales knowledge from the world of psychology.

Maintaining a positive customer experience. Maintaining the debtor’s experience in front of the business.

Full transparency and ongoing reporting. Our clients receive monthly progress reports and future forecasts.

Ready To Collect Your Money?

Enhance your reputation

Reduce your costs

Maximum pressure on debtors

Improve your cash flow

end-to-end solution

Your money is not wasted

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