Debt Collection Services

It is only a debt collection agency that can assure you of a smooth recovery of your payment without any damage to your reputation or loss of clients. And you don’t have to worry about any charges as you will be charged only for recovered payments.


You Will Need Us

IDCC is an international debt collection agency with rich experience in collecting debt for foreign clients. We have an efficient team of field executives that are well-trained in communication and laws related to the collection of debts. They know how to approach debtors and convince them to repay their dues.


We Can Help In Debt Collection

Our debt collection services cost nothing in terms of money as we charge only for successful recovery. Also, we’ll save you the cost involved in taking legal action against debtors. You won’t have to send any legal notice to anyone to remind your clients about their dues. Our field executives will carry your message and convey it in a very soft tone to whoever you want.


We Will Keep You Posted

You can’t threaten a debtor to repay the amount he owes to you and the best thing you can do to improve your cash flow is to stay connected to your clients. You need to remind them about their payments and encourage them to make timely payments. You can do it if you are a local or you can hire a local for the job.


We Are Locals

IDCC is your local debt collection agency that will maintain cordial relations with your clients. It’s our responsibility to collect money on time and deposit it in your account. Also, we’ll see your reputation isn’t harmed while discharging our services. A little mistake in dealing with a stubborn client could be a big blow to your reputation but we won’t let it happen to you.


We Will Bring Debtors Under Pressure

Our job is to put maximum pressure on your debtors but without maligning your reputation. We’ll keep them reminding about their overdue and upcoming payments. We’ll make phone calls, visit them personally, and listen to their excuses for not being able to make payments. Also, we’ll give them solutions for making payments.


You Will Get More Returns

Your money on our debt collection services won’t be wasted. And you won’t mind paying a small fee towards the service that will increase your cash flow. We’ll empower your business with our service and help in its development and expansion in the long run. You have some plans for your future but bad finance is puncturing those plans. It is time to collect the money you need to fulfill your dreams.


Let’s Manage Your Debts

IDCC can become your partner in debt collection. We will manage the debt so you are free from the hassle and pressure of collection. While you are busy preparing your plans, we’ll be busy making collections to fund your plans. We take the responsibility of contacting and pursuing your clients while enhancing your reputation as a client-friendly company in the market.   


We Are Experienced

We have many years of knowledge and experience in providing debt collection services and we take pride in saying that we have been successful in every attempt. We never lost connection to any debtor and we can even trace debtors that have even changed their identities to avoid paying debts.


We Are Familiar With Your Debtors

Since we’re locals, we’re familiar with the language, geography, culture, and rituals of the local population. We speak the local language and we abide by the laws. Our behavior is friendly but the approach is professional. We’ll talk to your debtors and document their payments for follow-up. You won’t have to worry about anything about your debt and payment after hiring our services.


We Understand Our Responsibility

IDCC is a responsible international debt collection agency and we understand our responsibility. We are responsible for collecting your debt and also for enhancing your reputation. Our job is to increase your cash flow while strengthening your relations with your clients. We will empower your business by increasing the cash flow and play a crucial role in your process by taking all the risks.


Team With Us

By joining hands with our company, you can keep your accounts department free from the pressure of collecting the debt. We will help them with all work including making collections, documentation, and report preparation. We will make sure that your money flows smoothly and grows continuously.